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weekly links roundup

Here’s this week’s link roundup of the top gold articles on the internet. Enjoy!

  • When Fed Takes Punch Bowl Away, Stick To Gold. The Fed has been so far behind the inflation curve that it must raise rates at the fastest pace in more than a quarter of a century! It’s a lesson in quantitative tightening. The previous Fed’s tightening cycle in 2017-2019 led to the repo crisis. Will this lead to the next financial crisis? And what will be the affect on gold prices? Theoretically, tightening should be negative for gold prices, but so far, gold has given a stellar performance in July.
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  • How to start investing in gold and the major benefits and drawbacks. History has shown that during economic slowdowns gold appreciates in value. Advantages of physical gold: 1-inflation hedge; 2-Counterweight to stocks; 3-Safe haven; and 4-Virtually indestructible. Disadvantages of physical gold: 1-Storage fees; 2-It takes time to liquidate gold and have it shipped to you if it is stored offsite; and 3-Does not produce monthly income.
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  • Jim Rogers warns of the ‘worst bear market’ in his lifetime – here are the ‘least dangerous’ assets to own today. “This has to be the worst bear market in my lifetime, which means it will go down a lot and it will last a long time.” Rogers says “there is no such thing as safe” but he points to two assets that can get you through it. Rogers is a long-time advocate or precious metals. “Silver is probably less dangerous than other things. Gold is probably less dangerous,” he says. Gold and silver can’t be printed out of thin air. There is a rising demand for silver which is used in solar panels and in vehicle electrical control units. The second asset that he recommends is agriculture. He suggests investing in farm land.
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  • GLD: Gold Is Spring-Loaded For An End-Of-Summer Bounce. Inflation is hammering fiat currencies around the world, and will likely continue for a couple of years. Gold is traditionally the most popular hedge against inflation. Current market conditions will continue to pressure gold mining, which will automatically raise the price of gold bullion. Gold bullion usually drops anywhere from 12 – 30% from its recent high during the onset of a recession, before hitting bottom and then soaring on to new highs. Buying SPDR Gold Shares once it drops 25% to around 144 will put gold investors in position to benefit from a big end-of-summer bounce in the spot price of gold without missing the boat.

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