Best Masternoding Platform – YieldNodes Review

If you are retiring in the near future and looking for masternodes passive income, one of the best masternoding companies in 2022, based on revenue relying on proof of stake (POS), is a company called YieldNodes.

They began masternoding coins as a side project in 2018 and have refined their methods and expanded their projects ever since.  Over a 30-month period (beta-testing and live operation), YieldNodes has generated a return of 306.4% for their  participants, despite the recent pandemic. YieldNodes has grown considerably over the last year and has encompassed other areas to stabilize and leverage their revenue, i.e. its  own coin (Sapphire), its own decentralized exchange and a crypto shopping area.  Other services and projects are in progress.



Masternoding is NOT related to trading cryptocurrency nor is it mining — it relies on proof of stake (POS).  Participants in the program fund servers that operate as master nodes that stake small volume coins.  This allows those servers to partake in cryptocurrency network activities to generate more coins. The proceeds are then shared eighty-five percent (85%) to plan members and fifteen percent (15%) to the program which is considered the monthly rent.  

It is possible to achieve profitable yields by providing computing power and storage space along with special software.  Masternoding earns revenue by providing a master node that relies on proof of stake (POS).  A master node is a node server within a network that processes transactions and stores them in the blockchain.  A master node has more rights than a full node operator and manages more critical tasks and greater rewards.

In order to keep the status of “master node,” the master node must deposit a specified number of the coin (staking) along with performing required tasks, computing power and storage space.  

By operating master nodes diligently and optimizing strategies, extraordinary profits can be obtained.

Alternatively, mining is based on proof-of-work consensus (PoW).  Too many miners, an increasing amount of energy and a substantial investment in computers has made mining less profitable.

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I’ve been a member of YieldNodes for over a year now and am happily reaping monthly yields.  I’ve seen profits as low as 7% and as high as 17%.  I am nearing retirement from my day job so this extra monthly income will be a nice supplement to my pension.  Also, with inflation on the rise, the monthly income from YieldNodes helps offset the rising costs of everything!  

I highly recommend that you check the compounding button in your setting so that your profits roll over every month until you get your balance built up to where you want it to be.  For me, I deposited funds every month until my account reached $5k.  I admit I was leery about masternoding and was afraid I’d lose my money!  As I read the companies emails each month describing who they are, what they were doing, and what was going on in the market that month, my doubts were erased and I moved forward towards my goal.  In order to retire I need an extra $350/month in supplemental income…and now I have that.  

To mitigate the risk, should the yield (profit) drop below 5% for three consecutive months, your rental payment (funds in your account) will be returned to you along with any accrued profits (if compounded).  So if this program underperforms, there is a plan.


Here are some statistics for those who like numbers!

  • Masternodes operated : 2000-4000, Masternoding alternating with POS Staking
  • Revenue generated for March 2022: 7.4%
    Integrated projects contributing to the yield: 19
  • Average monthly yield (last 30 months): 10%
    – this equates to an annual yield of 120% (or 213.84% compounded)


  • Rent/Contracts. There are expenses — servers are rented, contracts can be terminated.
  • Coin Volatility. Coin price fluctuations affect the market.  Earnings are in coins.  However, the YieldNodes team is constantly monitoring the master nodes and are able to react quickly in response to any event.


The YieldNodes network currently consists of the following cryptocurrency: Trittium, Vaultwatch, Sapphire, Heliobank, Birake, Kyanite, 777 Jackpot, Ultra Clear, Azure, Dash Diamond, Cryptoflow, Peony, One World, Suvereno, Cryptosaga, Monk, Eska, Beacon, Modic, and Peps. 



Minimum deposit: EUR 500.00 via Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, Bank Wire

Maximum Deposit: EUR 250,000.00

Payout: monthly

The contract can be cancelled at any time after the 6th month.

Deposit and interest are paid in Euro, US Dollar or Bitcoin.

Legal Disclosure: Please be aware that YieldNodes is not regulated or supervised by any financial entity.  Results are NOT guaranteed and are still dependent on the crypto market.

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